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Military Forces In 21st Century Peace Operations

RRP $512.99

A major new study of the realities of contemporary warfare, which presents a range of fresh insights and is essential reading for all students and professionals engaged in the field.

This book clearly shows us that:

  • neither military nor civilian agencies can act effectively alone in resolving modern conflicts

  • joint civil-military efforts are needed, and those efforts must be deliberately planned from the outset of an operation; they cannot be added on as afterthoughts when all else has failed

  • the record of our efforts over nearly a decade and a half since the end of the Cold War demonstrates that we are doing badly at creating civil-military partnerships, and that we are not getting better.

James V. Arbuckle shows how these issues are neither structural nor organizational - they are cultural. They involve attitudes, beliefs, perceptions - positive and negative, true and false. The solutions will involve changing attitudes, moving beyond prejudices, replacing competition with cooperation. The principal mechanisms for this will be common civil-military training and education.

On Roman Military Matters; A 5th Century Training Manual In Organization, Weapons And Tactics, As Practiced By The Roman Legions

RRP $53.99

A 5th Century training manual for the organization, weapons and tactics of the Roman Legions. Vegetius's "De Re Militari" was the only major work of Roman military science to survive from classical times. It was widely studied in the Middle Ages and was a key source for Medieval warfare and siege tactics.

Military Short Stories

RRP $13.99

A collection of humorous short stories gathered over a 30 year military career. From attending NTC, to Airborne Operations, to time in a combat zone, soldiers will find a way to hilariously pass the time.


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