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Is Building Construction Approaching The Threshold Of Becoming Unsustainable? - A System Theoretic Exploration Towards A Post-forrester Model For Taming Unsustainable Exponentialoids

RRP $304.99

This book is a bold attempt to tackle a broad, difficult and important topic: sustainability in construction. At the outset, it marshals a large amount of insights and understanding from prior literature to bear on the focused topic. Given the extraordinary nature of the problem, the author is compelled to create a specific methodology, up to the task. The analysis leads to a redefinition of the concept of sustainability, and to a suggested method for ascertaining the requirements set by sustainability targets to construction. This is a well-justified, pragmatic method, which has face value and shows promise. All in all, the book is of interest not only through the suggested method, but also as a synthesis of facts, thinking and understanding related to sustainability in construction. Professor Lauri Koskela, School of the Built Environment, University of Salford, UK.

Exposing Alzheimer's

RRP $34.99

WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED ALZHEIMERS? Suppose you suddenly forget how to drive home ? Suppose you forget the names of your neighbors, spouse or children ? Suppose you forget where you live ? Suppose you forget that you ate your last meal ten minutes earlier or you completely forget to eat ? Suppose you forget today's date- month, day and year ? Suppose you forget your birthday ? Welcome to the world of Alzheimer !! This book exposes and explores your frequently asked questions about Alzheimer- numbers, percentages, behavior, what to do with the patient all day long, and what not to do ? Most importantly, it answers the question, WHY...Why do Alzheimer patients act this way ? Annie Kate Gaskins Laws is a caregiver, a retired high school counselor, and an Alzheimer Support Group Coordinator. This is her second book on Understanding Alzheimer. She created the "Can This Be Love" column published in Central Florida Newspapers and The Tri-County Challenger in 1991. She is one of eleven 1985 National Essay Special Award Winners in White Plains, New York Socioeconomic Institute Presently, she is a professional volunteer at the West Palm Beach Area Agency on Aging. Gaskins-Laws claims Ocilla, Georgia, Ocala, Florida and West Palm Beach, Florida as her three hometowns.

Chemical Exposures

RRP $303.99

Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes explains how day-to-day variations in chemical exposure may cause unusual and seemingly unpredictable symptoms, including many that have been termed psychosomatic in the past. It describes how everyday, low-level chemical exposures may cause fatigue, memory impairment, headaches, mood changes, breathing difficulties, digestive problems, and a host of chronic unexplained illnesses including chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War syndrome, and sick building syndrome. The authors are the first writers to clearly describe and document the process of adaptation, a concept that provides a rational and scientific basis for understanding these symptoms. In the Second Edition of this professionally acclaimed work, the authors offer evidence for an emerging new theory of disease-toxicant-induced loss of tolerance-which may have far-reaching implications for medicine, public health, and environmental policy. Based on a report commissioned by the New Jersey Department of Health that won the World Health Organization's Macedo Award, Chemical Exposures is the most comprehensive book ever written on sensitivity to low level chemical exposure and the many health effects associated with it. This work clarifies the nature of chemical sensitivity, shows how it differs from traditional allergies and toxicity, and suggests how federal and state governments can help those who are affected. The book identifies four major groups of people with hypersensitivity to low levels of chemicals: occupants of tight buildings, industrial workers who handle chemicals, residents of communities exposed to toxic chemicals, and individuals with random and unique exposures to various chemicals. The fact that similar symptoms are being reported by members of these demographically diverse groups not only points to a serious problem, it may also contribute to a better understanding of chemical sensitivity. Included are a number of features that will be invaluable to health professionals: * Clear, concise explanations of technical material * The most extensive bibliography to date on the subject * Tables contrasting different medical approaches * Descriptions of recent research and proposed mechanisms * An annotated bibliographical appendix highlighting illnesses that have been linked to environmental exposures * Policy recommendations for federal and state governments "Clinicians and policymakers would do well to read and heed the advice of this book."-Journal of the American Medical Association "Clinicians, researchers, and policymakers in this field would be well advised to read this landmark book."-American Public Health Association Newsletter "A milestone in the evolution of multiple chemical sensitivity."-Chemical and Engineering News ".groundbreaking and accessible.balanced and scholarly.essential reading for risk assessors, physicians, psychologists, attorneys concerned with toxic torts, public health officials, regulators, government decisionmakers, medical and environmental researchers, as well as laypersons."-Journal of Risk Analysis


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