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Including A Symposium On Albert O. Hirschman (part B)

RRP $402.99

The Research in the History of Economic Methodology (RHETM) 34B, includes original research from preeminent scholars in the field. RHETM is one of the oldest and most respected publications in the field, and the Vol 34B is crucial for economists, methodologists, and historians of the social sciences.

Ruby's Tea Party

RRP $7.99

Based on a Max & Ruby TV episode, this is the perfect leveled reader to help Max & Ruby fans practice their reading skills.

Max wants to play pirate, but Ruby wants to have a tea party and get dressed up. When Ruby can't find her Royal Princess Ruby necklace, she turns to Pirate Max to search for her lost treasure. Playing together is always the most fun!

Black Heart

RRP $12.99

As a former Agent of Death, Madeline Black is no stranger to witnessing violent ends. But being the one to cause them is an entirely different story . . . Despite her having saved Chicago from a vampire invasion, the Agency wants to get Maddy off their payroll - permanently. With the deadly Retrievers hot on her trail, she has no choice but to trust Nathaniel to port her to safety. But even the exotic and dangerous world that she winds up in is not as peaceful as she would have hoped. Caught in a turf war between a group of fae and a disturbingly familiar foe, Maddy soon discovers that the twisted plots of her grandfather, Lucifer, and his brothers extend even into this unknown realm. Now, with enemies gathering on all sides, Maddy's fate is looking darker than ever. And to protect her unborn son from her adversaries, she may have to tap into a power she hoped never to access . . . Praise for the Black Wings Novels 'A fun, fast ride through the gritty streets of magical Chicago.' Nancy Holzner, author of Hellhound 'Grabs your attention and refuses to let you go.' Fantasy Romance Writers 'Entertaining urban fantasy starring an intriguing heroine.' Midwest Book Review


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